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Specialised English language training

One to One English specialises in English language training in tailored courses. It's our belief that 1-to-1 and closed-group courses are the most successful in targeting personal language training needs and unlocking potential, often with extremely impressive, rapid results. See testimonials for examples of our clients' experiences.

Intensive and Flexible courses

Courses are available as short, highly-intensive programmes with several hours' tuition per day, or as flexible weekly programmes with 1 to 5 lessons per week, usually over 8-12 weeks. Courses take place at our centre in Covent Garden, in the heart of London's West End, and are also delivered on-site to businesses in the London area with our Corporate Language Training programmes.

Other services

For overseas visitors, we are pleased to offer airport transfers and full accommodation packages. Choose from a range of options including hotels, residences, serviced apartments and executive homestays - contact us for more details.

1-1 class at One to One English

Effective and responsive team

We are proud of our excellent client satisfaction rate and our reputation for a truly client-centered service. We design each course to the client's needs: this is why we only provide tailored 1-to-1 and closed-group business English courses. We make sure that the course programme really does respond to the client’s requirements. Our Course Directors are responsive, approachable and adaptable. Our native-speaker trainers are selected not only for their experience and qualifications, but also for their personal qualities and commitment. Our safeguarding policy provides a positive and supportive study environment. As a team, we are passionate about providing a positive, enriching client experience.

1-1 class at One to One English

Tailored programmes

Results-driven tailored programmes are created and monitored at every stage:

  • Assessment: Trainee's written and spoken English assessed through interviews and written assignments
  • Needs Analysis: Full training needs analysis with the trainee and/or sponsor
  • Course content: Programmes designed to respond to the skills and task-based requirements of each trainee - with clear, realistic objectives
  • Monitoring: Course Directors monitor ongoing progress against set objectives
  • Feedback: Trainees and sponsors given regular feedback and progress reports

To find out more, please contact us.

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