Professional English Courses

Professional English courses are focused on English language communication skills for professionals and business people. We are proud to offer high quality Professional English course programmes that are tailored to each individual. On our 1-to-1 courses you benefit from the full undivided attention of your teacher, with continuous personal feedback and guidance. Courses are taken at our central London school.

  • 1-to-1 business English courses for professionals
  • Course programmes designed for your personal needs
  • Fast results from our effective 1-to-1 teaching methods
  • Native-speaker, qualified and experienced teachers
  • Excellent client satisfaction rate – see testimonials

Intensive 1-to-1 courses
Highly intensive courses - up to 24 lessons per week Intensive 1-to-1 Courses

Flexi 1-to-1 courses
Flexible weekly courses - usually 1-5 lessons per week Flexi 1-to-1 Courses

Professional English course programmes

What do you need to do better in English?
We will advise you on the best programme for you, choosing from modules including:

Spoken communication
  • Everyday business communications, telephoning and teleconferencing
  • Presentations, meetings, speeches, conferences, workshops, seminars
  • Networking, socialising, travelling, entertaining
  • Interviews, training, inductions, appraisals

Skills: Fluency; grammar and accuracy; accent reduction by mastering the correct pronunciation of problematic individual sounds, sound clusters and features of connected speech; phrasing, speed and volume; structural range; lexical range; turn –taking; reacting appropriately; checking understanding and repairing strategies.

Written communication
  • Presentations, reports, proposals, recommendations
  • Emailing, form filling, letters, agenda, minutes, memos
  • CVs, personal statements, job applications
  • Social media posts, web pages, press releases, promotional copy

Skills: Signposting, recapitulating and summarising, introductions and conclusions, paragraphing, linking, building a logical argument, structuring ideas, organising factual information, analysing and assessing, reviewing and correction, complex sentence structure, punctuation, style and genre.

Listening comprehension
Skills: Developing ability to understand natural spoken English through targeted exposure to commercial and non-commercial contexts, possibly including rapid colloquial speech in a variety of accents and dialects; raising awareness of and ability to hear features of spoken English by working on features of fast connected speech.

Reading comprehension
Skills: Developing ability to read quickly and efficiently by engaging with texts appropriate to needs and ability, raising familiarity with more challenging sentence structures and vocabulary, reading strategies.

  • Advising, clarifying, comparative analysis, correcting, criticising, encouraging, explaining, instructing, motivating, persuading, praising, proposing, requesting, requiring action, statistical analysis
  • Style: correct use of formal, semi-formal and colloquial registers
  • Appropriacy: expressing information and opinions in a manner sensitive to status, seniority, culture

Understanding and using the key lexical building-blocks that are so essential to both everyday usage and to business English, including idiomatic and "ready-made" phrases and structures. Building a richer active-use knowledge of contemporary business vocabulary typical of your specific field
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